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The Hips A-line-ment

By Peg Mulqueen If there’s a holy grail in the Ashtanga yoga practice, it must a long central axis (or spine, for reference) and rooted pelvis, for within the two lie the keys to heaven – or as we say, bandhas. And so it seems logical we do all we can to protect and keep these lines sacred. The primary...


Resisting the Bend: Kapotasana

By Peg Mulqueen This was my deal breaker. Everyone has one, and this was mine. I knew this one posture would demand from me more commitment, patience, tenacity and loving kindness than any other I’d ever encountered. It requires me to be fully present, super aware – and willing. So lets just say, we’ve spent some time together and had...


Size Matters

By Peg Mulqueen I don’t know if you know this about Ashtanga – but backbends are a pretty big damn deal. When I started, no one cared that I could stand on my hands. No one wanted to see me float or jump or balance on my arms. No, they wanted to see my backbend. Only, I didn’t have a...


Matthew Sweeney Interview

I finally caught up with Matthew Sweeney again. this time in Bali. In this interview we get to talk about what it means to have a therapeutic practice, his moon sequence, teacher qualities, observation of moon days, bandhas and more. If you haven’t already done so check out his two articles that are posted here as well, they are listed...


Broken Gods, Breaking Hearts: Pedestals, Boundaries, Pitfalls

By Norman Blair I would like to dedicate this to all teachers and students who have crossed my path. Thank you for your advice and your effort, your encouragement and your sustenance. I hope this article is helpful in our growth towards honesty, compassion and openness. STARTING WITH A SONG To start with words from a song by Katy Perry:...


Detoxing: The Intelligent Approach

By Anthea Grimason Recognizing the fact that we’re all unique in terms of our body types, stages of life, issues going on with our health, climates we live in and foods we eat daily – it makes sense then to approach detoxing in a way that takes these factors into consideration. Just because one method of detoxing may work for...


Update 5: WAWADIA /// “First Do No Harm”: an M.D. on Asana-Related Injuries

By Matthew Remski Doctors and yoga teachers have the same first principle: Do No Harm. If we do things blindly, and if we don’t mine data, we won’t fulfill that principle. — Dr. Raza Awan What I love about listening to Dr. Awan talk about yoga injuries is that he has all the relaxation of someone with no conflict of...


Beginners Luck

By Melanie Cooper Teaching is a special skill and teaching beginners well is probably the hardest of all. Here are some of my suggestions for teaching beginners in a way that is positive and nurturing and compassionate. Be Compassionate Remember what it was like when you were a beginner. After years of practice it’s easy to forget how difficult yoga...


The Voice of a Yoga Teacher: how to make your voice your best teaching tool

By Miriam Bauer – Basics – Yoga teachers can use many different tools to lead their students through a class, such as visual demonstrations and hands-on adjustments. Arguably, most important tool is verbal cues. During more than two thirds of a yoga class, students listen to their teacher’s voice. Every voice is different and you cannot make everyone love your...

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