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Sending my Loveyogaanatomy Special Emissaries around the globe will allow me to catch some down time.

Sending my Loveyogaanatomy Special Emissaries around the globe will allow me to catch up on some down time.

The ‘Hey Stu’ magazine page will bring you short video clips of teachers from around the world responding to questions posed by Stu and the Loveyogaanatomy Special Emissaries (more on them in a bit). The full length video interviews have received a great response and the idea for this new project came from wanting to build on that success in a way that broadens the spectrum and caters to those who like their info in bite sized pieces.

It certainly has it’s benefits being a one man team because you get to have all the fun, but also is limiting in that you only have so much time and can’t (yet) be in two places at once. So the problem posed was how to gather super content whilst still being able to catch a little down time. The answer came when walking on the beach and seeing everyone using their smart phones, Ipads and such devices to capture their frolicking around. Simple, don’t go jet-setting around the place, stay in the garden and send the questions out instead. Let them do their own shooting. It was also obvious to me that there are many inspiring teachers that I have no way of contacting or unfortunately don’t even know about. To overcome this obstacle I realized i would have to give up my vice like grip on the fun machine and elicit some help. Bringing in new blood would also allow for a much greater reach and diversity of questions. Hence was born the concept of the Loveyogaanatomy Special Emissaries, individuals from every style of yoga and around the world authorized to question and film teachers on behalf of With an army of helpers spread wide and far I hope to be able to bring you insights from a wide range of teachers, researchers, anatomists and professionals. If you are going on retreat, know a special teacher or even taking part in some research yourself and want to get in on the action, find out more and sign up by following the image link above.


Fancy a challenge? How about Koundinyasana A!

Although this posture is in the Ashtanga Advanced A series I think it is reasonably doable if you have the hamstring length, strength, balance, focus, determination, and natural ability that is required 🙂 Joking apart I think it’s worth having a shot at as the flexibility constraints are really limited to hamstrings and thoracic rotation. However maybe start with the...


Tips for the padmasana jump back?

Sometimes I nail this and sometimes I just get jammed up trying to get my legs through so when I got a chance to ask Mark for some tips, I didn’t waste any time. Mark Robberds is a Certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher and takes workshops and retreats around the world. You can find out more about his coming events on...


How the hell do you pull off that crazy posture Pungu Mayurasana?

I remember seeing this image and thinking it looked like Mark was floating. And then I thought about how hard it is to do Mayurasana let alone to balance on one arm like that. So of course when I caught up with Mark in Goa recently I just had to find out how to do it. Knowing is one thing...


How to Transition out of Warrior II ?

04 March 2015: Interviewee: Laruga Glaser The transition out of Warrior II is another of those things that looks so easy when you get it right but can lead to a lot of fumbling and awkwardness if you feel you can’t free up your front leg. I have spoken to loads of people who struggle with this, so call in...


Magdalena Mecweld, What are your favorite Yin postures if you are short on time?

Magdalena Mecweld is a yogini as well the bestseller author of the Swedish book “Vila dig I form med Yinyoga” (and the app with the same name). People had been saying to me for a while “you must meet Magdalena” and then recently by chance we were both practicing with the wonderful Ashtanga teacher Petri Räisänen. We got to talking...


Technique Pointers for Marichyasana D

06 Febuary 2015: Interviewee: Peg Mulqueen From what I have seen Peg Mulqueen spends much of her time studying with great teachers and that is good news for us because she has a wonderful talent for assimilating what she has learnt and passing that on to the rest of us in her own easy to understand style. She seems to...


Josefin, what’s this about you doing yoga in Prison?

7 November 2014: Interviewee: Josefin Wikström Josefin, what’s this about you doing yoga in Prison? When I heard about Josefin being in a Swedish prison, i thought that can’t be right, not our sweet bollywood dancing energy power house. Then I found out more and it all made sense, Josefin is taking yoga to the prisoners. I love to see...


Jump out of Bakasana

08 January 2015: Interviewee: Mark Robberds Following on from the recent post on Jumping into Bakasana Mark Robberds completes the circle with this clip on jumping back out of Bakasana. When you first start trying to do this it can seem like your legs are glued to your arms probably encased in lead boots, but a bit of giggery pokery...


Transition out of Utkatasana

05 January 2015: Interviewee: Laruga Glaser I don’t know about you but for some reason even though I have been practicing Ashtanga for ages I still have trouble figuring out what I am meant to be doing as I leave Utkatasana and Warrior II. Who better to call on than Laruga Glaser to demonstrate what it should look like, allowing...

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