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About me

TLB-Granola-webI am Tara-Lee Byrne, an Irish yogi-cheffing-cellist teaching and (un)cooking my way across the globe with a cello on my back, yoga mat under my feet and Vitamix at the ready. As a child I used to read Enid Blyton’s Famous Five adventures and Mallory Towers just for their midnight feasts and picnics. I turned a devout vegetarian after visiting a slaughter house aged 11 much to the despair of my parents. I survived my teenage years on mashed potatoes, parsnips, carrots and bottomless bowls of Kellogg’s Cornflakes. My culinary world changed in January 2011 after a yoga retreat in Goa, India where I discovered first-hand the life-changing benefits of following a raw /plant-based diet. I have since then experimented with integrating raw food with a primarily whole food diet.
I am a professional cellist and teacher and a certified professional raw/wholefoods chef graduating from Matthew Kenney Culinary USA. I have lived, worked and travelled extensively around the globe savouring the delights of Italian, Indian, Thai, Arabic and fusion cooking. I could not live without earl grey tea, ashtanga yoga, pedicures, my cello, siestas, massages, Mr. C, Rachmaninoff, my friends and the smell of freshly cut Irish grass.
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Mega Matcha Mango and Super Smoothies

Mega Matcha Mango Makes 2 glasses Grab your kimono and get your Zen on. Matcha Green Tea is one of my top three favourite foods. Studies on the health benefits of green tea have gone off the scales in recent years and rightly so. Green tea is proving to be effective against a range of illnesses. It is known as...


Raw Paddy Thai

Makes 4 servings Takes 45 minutes plus possible time in A & E I could not resist naming this dish after my Irish roots. Ok I lie slightly. I made this dish for the Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga YouTube channel. We had run out of red cabbage in the kitchen that day and all that was left was white cabbage....


Spring to Life

We began as mineral. We emerged into plant life, and into the animal state, and then into being human, and always we have forgotten our former states, except in early spring when we slightly recall being green again. Rumi Living in Ireland one season merges into the other on a daily basis. As an island we don’t experience the hardship...


What’s with Raw Honey

Locally produced raw honey is believed to prevent symptoms of seasonal allergies, such as hay fever. Eating local raw honey exposes you to small amounts of allergens to help your body build immunity to the allergens. It is best to find local raw honey that is produced as close to home as possible as it is more likely to contain...



Are you confused about eating fats? There are plenty of natural sources of healthy fats such as a group of fatty acids called MCFA’s – medium-chain fatty acids also referred to as MCT’s medium-chain triglycerides. What makes these good for us? Researchers believe these fatty acids fight against obesity by keeping body fat from accumulating. Rather than store this fat...


Juicy January

Do you want to have glowing skin, boundless energy and practically zero washing up? Juicing a rainbow of colourful veggies and fruits daily is the key. Nourish and shower your body with protective antioxidants, alkalize your Ph and stock up on all the vitamins and minerals you need in one glass. Juicing unlocks the energizing nutrients in plants and extracts...


Raw Salted Caramel Chocolate Squares

Base 2 cups raw almonds 1 cup desiccated coconut 1 ½ cups pitted medjool dates, chopped Caramel 1 cup pitted medjool dates, chopped 1 T melted raw coconut oil ¼ cup filtered water 1 vanilla pod de-seeded/ 1 t Madagascar vanilla extract/ .5 t vanilla powder ½ t himalayan rock salt Minted Chocolate Ganache 4 T melted raw virgin organic...


Food of the Gods

I hear all the time “I cannot afford the time, money or ingredients for raw/wholefoods lifestyle”. Really? If you have time to stand in-line and order an extra skinny-soya-double-shot-frappucino-with-hazelnut-syrup before work and a chicken mayonnaise baguette at lunch-time, then not only do you have the money, patience and time to make a protein-packed smoothie for breakfast, and a hearty nutritious...

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