Green Is Gold

Love Food & Yoga Titbits: 14 December 2013 : Green Is Gold

veggiesAnd I’m not just saying that because I’m Irish! Greens in every form are so nutrient rich, you’re instantly on to a winner by adding more of them into your diet. Dark leafy greens in particular. You cannot eat enough of them, unless that’s all your eating of course. Don’t go too wild! Eat a wide variety. Juice them, blend them in smoothies, saute them, steam them, eat them raw in salads. So many options, so many varieties. If you want to do one good thing for your health, without changing anything else or depriving yourself in any way – add in more greens to your diet. Have spinach with your eggs for breakfast, or add spirulina to your porridge, or kale to your smoothie, have salads with your lunch and cooked greens with your dinner. Cooling green juices in the summer, warming green soups in the winter.

Why? Well to put is simply – to go green is to go clean. Greens alkalize your body, neutralizing acidity from pollution in the environment or acidic foods like meat, dairy and grains. They cleanse the blood and respiratory system, combating mucus. They’re full of fiber, folic acid, chlorophyll and essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorous, zinc and vitamins A, C, E and K.

So if you want to invest in the best, go green.
Author : Anthea Grimason is a yoga teacher and self professed foodie. Working independently and also for world renowned Samahita Yoga Retreat in Thailand, Anthea loves to shares her nutrition and wellness tips on everything from super foods, ayurvedic principles and raw food to simple water. She has her own magazine column here called Love Food & Yoga Titbits as well as posting longer articles.
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