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Your Chance to Join the Team

You might have already seen the new Magazine page: Hey Stu! What’s your Question?, where I am asking a question to a teacher and posting their video response.


stu interviewing for lse

Well now it’s your turn to get in on the act!

It’s obvious too me that there are so many great teachers out there that I either don’t know about or have no way to contact.  You may also have noticed that the site has a bit of an Ashtanga bias at the moment, and that is not on purpose. Practicing Ashtanga myself it has been much easier for me to reach out to contacts from within this group. Yoga Anatomy is relevant to all styles of yoga and this is another area that I hope can be addressed by bringing in some new talent. So I’m not shy in asking for help.

Nowadays with video capabilities on everything from smart phones to Ipads, I’m thinking instead of just me why not have a super team covering every far flung part of our wonderful planet. Every week there are students going to workshops and retreats around the world, sitting next to yoga ‘names’ on the bus or in coffee shops, or even being lucky enough to go to regular class with some profound teacher. You might have already studied with a teacher and thought, the way they explained that was so clear, or what they showed you suddenly made the difference. Why not use those opportunities to squeeze some juice out of these inspirational people that can be shared with all of us. To create a broad knowledge base I’m not just talking about yoga teachers, but also people doing research into aspects of yoga, philosophers, and professional people (that’s not to say yoga teachers aren’t professional but you know what I mean Doctors, Professors, Physiotherapists etc). You might already have someone in mind.

How can I help? I hear you cry.

Well you can’t just go shoot some footage and send it in, that’s not fair to the teacher and won’t fit in with the theme of the page. What you can do is ask the teacher if they would mind you asking them a question on behalf of and filming their response (not the bit where they throw something at you). To make it all more official I am creating Loveyogaanatomy Special Emissaries who will be authorized to do this. As an emissary you will also be credited when the post goes up and receive points each time we post one of your videos. It’s so fresh at the moment that I haven’t got all the plans laid out but I’m thinking along the lines that once you get a certain number of points we could give you the chance to carry out a full interview.

What to do next

Fill in the form below to sign up to become a Loveyogaanatomy Special Emissary and you will receive an email detailing the information we need from you and then a LSE Pack which will include the criteria for the video, your authorisation and a letter you can show the teacher/professional/… explaining what it is for and their control over the content.

I am so excited about this new initiative and hope you are too.

Let’s together make this site the most fantastic yoga resource!



Sign up here to become a Loveyogaanatomy Special Emissary

Sign up to become a Loveyogaanatomy Special Emissary. You will then receive a welcome email that asks for you to send a photo so that we can display it with the credit when your clip is posted, as well as include it as identification in your authorization letter .
Once we receive the photo you will be sent you LSE Pack.

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