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We have a winner!!! Check out the lucky submission below.

Nora a friend of mine recently showed me the range of beautiful malas that her company Maha Mala makes here in India. Ruminating for no more than a few seconds it came to me that it would be a great way to thank everyone that is supporting the site if I could give you the chance to get hold of one for free. Hence was born in the spirit of yoga the non-competitive competition or give-away. First I will show you what you can obtain by your skillful participation and then I will explain what you have to do.

So here is the one we selected from their range!

You will notice if you look at Maha Mala’s full catalog (here) that you will be very happy with the lavishness of our choice (must have caught me in a moment of weakness).

So how to get the give-away mala!
We are looking for you to write and submit an inspiring piece of prose or a poem (max 500 words) that conveys how you have taken your physical asana practice and turned it into something spiritual. The esteemed yoga philosophy and pranayama teacher Emil Wendel will be helping us narrow down the entries to a final five and we will let you vote on the lucky person that gets the beautiful mala. We will also be posting a number of your submissions here for people to enjoy as we go along.
Please watch this video as Nora and Piya owners of Maha Mala outline the rules of the give-away and give you a closer look at the mala that is awaiting one lucky person.
Here is a bit of inspiration for you.


Never forget that you longed for this.
Even as you begin to complicate you contemplations,
considering the many sub-standard sensations
existence tends to thrust upon one
in those withering, early hours of the mourn’
when even Marigolds,
amidst the overwhelming fields
of Springtime’s fingerpaints,
occasionally to entertain the notion of “calling in sick”,
yet somehow
still mangage
to rise to the occasion
and bloom.

D. Riley Boesch

A bit about Maha Mala

Created in the capital city that is the heartland of India, Maha Mala designs beautiful 108 bead necklaces using both the traditional Rudraksha seed and the healing vibrations of semi-precious stones and crystals. Ahimsa-silkThese necklaces (known as Malas in Hindi) can be used as spiritual jewelry or as japa malas (japa is the practice of mantra recitation).

Maha Mala translated from Hindi means ‘the great garland or necklace’- traditionally in India a Mala (necklace) was used as a tool in meditation practices as an aid in keeping count the number of times the practitioner recited a certain mantra. Commonly in India a Mala is found made out of the highly textured seed called rudraksha, tulsi wood (known as sacred Basil), quartz crystal or Sandalwood. Maha Mala has built upon this tradition to create uniquely designed malas and bracelets which appeal to a wider spiritually inclined audience.

Each piece has been hand strung together using beautiful semi-precious stones that are sourced from Jaipur, known as the City of Gems, in India. Each piece has been made keeping in mind not only the aesthetic look but also the beneficial healing properties that are inherent in the semi-precious stones. Thus each Maha Mala piece becomes a beautifully potent energetic tool in the constant search for meaning in our own lives.

Last submissions accepted on 31st May 2014

Here is the winning submission and runners up:

Winning Submission

Postures of yoga, postures of life by Johanna Friberg

inhale, exhale, in postures of yoga
inhale, exhale, in postures of life

the illusion of living crumbles to pieces:
it is not through effort and not through strife

inhale, exhale, allow it to happen
inhale, exhale, let it unfold

immersing myself in the present moment:
soaking my body and soul

held in the embrace of all living things
I surrender myself to the flow

in postures of yoga, in postures of life:
inhale, exhale, and just letting go

Runners Up

Mother Tadasana by Michelle Spencer

(crown ascending)
Mother takes my weight
in earth and ground
I am bound
led by the breath
To love.

She is my yoke
To the Mountain
Truth spoken in stillness
She returns me to spirit
on the indigo pause
of my exhalation.

Through the cracks. by Jessica Patterson

Physical formation
stagnant and stiff
the soul to stretch
but hidden
requiring the mind
to bend
an opening
to provide light
my form
to purge the toxic
Intensifying Prana
the light from within
to unfurl and grow
radiating through the cracks
illuminating the Inner Sun

A big thank you o every one who took part!

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