The Pain Free State

Tim’s Scribbles: 04 December 2013 : The Pain Free State

pain free state
Femoral Acetabular Impingement is on everyone’s lips these days (from Labrum to Labia). We take the inward rotation of the hip joint a tad too literally for a tad too long; allowing Deep Groin instructions to numb sensory feedback and pushing passionate beliefs into physical matter while uttering Truth! and upgrading alignment from a patient request to full-form religion. O Glorious Kingdom of Alignment! Anatomical potentiality is inadequately thrusted forward a bit too long. Balance is lost and dis-ease the body’s new landlord.

Embrace the opposite. Find the body’s innate multi-direction, its complexity. Explore. Spend a certain percentage of presence wisely adjusting truths to feeling. Counter-act every move, every joint rotation, every muscular engagement, every thought, idea, belief, passion, hope and dream. Drop any idea into its context and allow craftsmanship to blossom into art and body mechanics to finesse. Pursue all things gently, mindfully and with soul. Make your wristwatch a Rolex!

Ideas are thin, 2D, quite shallow, and rarely stand the test of body and time. Question your truths as they come and go. Include every thing’s opposite, every concept’s contrary, every dogma’s demise. For that perfect balance of The Pain Free State, find the place where truth meets its opposite. – TF

Purnamadah purnamidam
That is complete This is complete
Purnaat purnamudachyate
From that completeness comes this completeness
Purnasya purnaamadaya
Take away this completeness from that completeness
Purnameva vashishyate
Only completeness remains

tim-feldmanAuthor: Tim Feldmann, is an international yoga teacher and the director of Miami Life Center.We have given him his own column here, Tim’s Scribbles, to share his thoughts and inspirations. He also has full articles posted here as well. Visit Tim’s Website:

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