Alexander Medin is now into the second year of his ‘Back In The Ring’ project, which aims to help people suffering from drug addiction (mostly heroin) to stay clean through the use of Ashtanga Yoga and the selfless helping of others. The mission statement is:

Strength, clarity and transformation through helping others.

Alexander brought this years group to Ashtanga yoga retreat center Purple Valley in Goa, India before carrying on further south to build a Ganesha temple for a small village in Karnataka. The heavy stone blocks to build the temple had to be carried by the group on their heads into the jungle.

This interview focuses on discovering the background to the ‘Back In The Ring’ project and how it is working out. I even got to talk to a couple of the group who have been with the initiative since the beginning and are now assisting Alexander with this years trip and the continuing work back in Norway.
Take a listen and be inspired.

You can find out more about the Back In The Ring project here: