Petri Raisanen Interview

Petri Raisenen and Stu Girling

Have you ever met someone who just makes you smile with the warmth that they emanate without having to say a word? That is Petri Raisanen. Calm, tranquil,and the sort of person that makes you feel that you have known them for ages even though you have just said hello. When taking a mysore practice this quite but powerful presence holds the energy in the room in a state that promotes that elusive moving meditation.

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David Robson Interview

David Robson and Stu Girling

David Robson has one of the world’s largest Ashtanga mysore programs outside of Mysore itself. He is part of the new vanguard of teachers that have studied only under Sharath Jois. A level 2 authorised teacher he describes himself as traditional in style. David is one of the most passionate and entertaining teachers that I have had the pleasure in interviewing and I know you will enjoy this.

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Taoist Analysis: Getting familiar with Yin and Yang

Yin Yang

When analyzing the human body there are many things we could discuss. The Thirtieth Edition of Gray’s Anatomy runs to nearly 1700 pages. And that is just a description of body parts. Textbooks on physiology easily go into the thousands of pages. But what is most immediately relevant to Hatha Yoga practitioners is “How does my body move?” or even more precisely “Why does my body not move the way I want it to?”

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