Interview with Savvas Giantsis

savvas giantsis interview

Savvas Giantsis is owner of House of Yoga in Athens Greece as well as a fourth series Ashtanga Practitioner. I was really nice to speak to such and advanced practitioner and find him to be so relaxed and straightforward about practising and perusing other interests. It great to see also you can healthy and muscular and still do advanced yoga postures.

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Types of Compression in Yoga: Hip Example

It is important for us as yoga practitioners to know whether what is stopping us going deeper in a posture is compression or tension because if it is the former we can possibly be causing ourselves harm rather than good. In this video we look at three types of compression using what can happen around the hip as an example.

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Pashasana workshop

Pasasana with Matthew Sweeney

Pashasana is the first posture of the Ashtanga Intermediate series and can be quite a challenge. What to focus on bind or heels down? Matthew Sweeney has some useful tips and even talks about the transition out of it.

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