If you are interested in Yoga Anatomy or Ashtanaga you will know about David Keil. With his great and informative Yoga Anatomy website and worldwide workshops. I was like a kid in a toy shop when I got the chance to interview David. Loads of topics were covered with plenty of geeky anatomy talk. At this time I am posting the interview in manageable bites with the whole thing coming soon.

How knowing Yoga Anatomy can help your yoga practice

Dealing with tighter and more resistant parts of the body

Ashtanga Yoga an ongoing evolution?

Dealing with tension in particular muscle groups

About David Keil’s book on Yoga Anatomy

Supta Konasana

Preventing Sacroiliac joint Injury

Chakrasana: How to do it safely

The anatomy of Marichyasana postures

Chaturanga: How far down and forward?

Seratus Anterior muscle and Chaturanga asana

Understanding the Psoas Muscle