A lot of Yoga practitioners are looking for a detox program to clean and lighten the body and to improve flexibility. I thought I would share what I have found to work best for me.

Juice days for me are really special. And it’s not only because of cleansing the body, and feeling light and flexible. After a few days on juices only, the mind starts working differently. Everything becomes clear and simple. The breathing is slower and the mind is so calm. Usually after juice days I feel stronger mentally and have more stamina physically.

So here are my top 10 favorite juices:

orange and mango juice

Orange and mango juice

1. Orange+mango juice very sweet and energising, gives you happy and kind feelings. Take 2 oranges and 2 sweet yellow mangoes, wash, peel and squeeze them together.

I like to drink this juice day time after my Yoga Practice when I am tired and want to feel active. Benefits: cancer prevention, improve digestion, lower high blood pressure, building a good immune system, heart diseases prevention.

2. Carrot+ apple calming and grounding juice. This one is nice to drink in the evening, I like to replace my dinner with c+a juice. You need 3 carrots and 2 red apples, wash, peel, cut, squeeze them together and enjoy.

Benefits: asthma help, breast cancer prevention, Alzheimer’s prevention, bone protection, lower cholesterol, reduce water retention.

Pinapple mint juice

Pinapple and mint juice

3. Pineapple+ mint refreshing and cooling juice. The taste is like raw mojito. Half pineapple and as much mint as you want. Wash, peel and cut pineapple and squeeze it together with mint.

4. Pineapple+ green apple cleansing and energising juice. Take half pineapple and 2 green apples. Wash, peel and cut pineapple and apples and squeeze them together. Benefits: detoxification, weight loss, improve digestion.

Coconut and strawberry

Coconut and strawberry juice

5. Coconut+ strawberry sweet, cooling juice gives you more loving feelings. Open your coconut, put the coconut water and strawberry in a blender and mix them together. Highly recommended, full of benefits.

6. Banana+ blueberry sweet, recovering shake. This is my healthy ice cream, super good when I want something sweet. Just put in a freezer bananas before you do the smoothie. Peel bananas, wash blueberries, put them in a blender and mix them together. Benefits: mental health, boost of energy.

Carrot and apple juice

Carrot and apple juice

7. Wheatgrass+red apple a very healthy juice. Full of minerals but for me it does not have the best taste. Squeeze wheatgrass together with red apple. Benefits: weight loss, cancer prevention, cataracts prevention, immune system, improve complexion.

8. Carrot+beetroot+Ginger cleansing, heating, grounding. I like to drink this juice during eating avocado, the best ever combination. Wash, peel, cut and squeeze veggies together. Benefits: increase blood circulation, improve digestion, reduce inflammation, improving eyesight, macular degeneration prevention, liver cleanse, blood cleanse.

Lime orange and pinapple juice

Lime orange and pinapple juice

9. Dragon fruit+ kiwi light and dreaming juice. When you want something exotic. Wash 2 dragon fruits and 2 kiwi, peel, cut and squeeze them. Benefits: antioxidants, mental health, immune system.

10. Lime orange pineapple refreshing, energising juice. Good if you feel dehydration. Wash, peel, cut, squeeze them together and enjoy. Benefits: improved complexion, weight loss, antioxidants, reduce inflammation.

Sometimes it is difficult for me to go on juices only. I like fruits and sweets, especially after intense Ashtanga practice 🙂. But every time after managing 1 or 2 weeks without food my body feels more alive and healthy. Plus extra bonus, body becomes light and flexible so it’s easier to practice asanas 🙂.