A LIttle FrogDo you practice in a country where mosquitoes are prevalent? There is often a problem with mosquitoes when you are trying to meditate in Asia. You don’t want to put chemical repellent on your skin or breath in the smoke from a coil so you are left with citronella or your own mini mosquito net which can cause over heating.

I spend most of my time in Asia so was delighted when I stumbled across this amazing species of frog. They are the equivalent of the dolphins of the amphibian world and actively seek out the company of humans (I think because they know we are a good magnet for their favorite food, mosquitoes). They are also however unsurprisingly naturally shy and will only approach when there are certain levels of positive energy and meditative states (or calm mind). They are extraordinary not only in their perception of aura but also by a genetic gift that has given them a tongue that is eight times the length of their body, and acts much in the same way as that of the chameleon (projectile-able with a sticky end). Luckily they also have a voracious appetite 🙂


Chameleon firing it’s tongue out. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera with a fast enough shutter speed, or personal reaction time to catch the tiny frog in action.

A Little Frog

Here is our little friend performing guard duty.

Padmasana Frog

With some training, you can get them to wait in a particular place. Not a bad thing to know where they are as they are so small you could inadvertently squash it. Not too good for the karma!

No enclosure necessary 🙂









With some playing around I found that I could train the frog to come over by using a specific tone of OM whilst nearing a meditative state, and progressing from that to stay roughly in a certain location. The most beautiful thing is that it becomes a symbiotic relationship much like the Buffalo and Egrets with the little frog returning to it’s home at the end of the session. Also very cheap because you don’t have to buy any food or funny clothes.

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Courtesy of http://webecoist.momtastic.com

I am in the process of recording an audio file and getting ready the Frogtastic Meditation Assistant Training Manual so sign up for the newsletter (over in the left sidebar) and you will find out when it is available.

One of the rewarding things of this program is that it also teaches you further control of your emotions because if you start to get annoyed that your potential assistant is not cooperating fully then it will pick up on the shirting energy and say a quick sayonara.