Utthita Trikonasana (IM)

Triangle Posture

This is a mystery to unravel over time. Explore the sides of the body and discover the inner legs. A short or long stance? Discard notions of right and wrong, correct and incorrect and simply stay alive to sensation in the present moment. The primary series does not offer up the lateral body on a plate, so do not waste this opportunity.

Common mistakes: Do not hurry, just because the breath usually speeds up does not mean you should hurry, quite the opposite. Slow down and if need be stay more than five breaths. Strongly draw the tailbone toward the back heel and contain the front ribs. If you like back bending beware and be sure NOT to turn this pose into one!

Drishti: Hand

Vinyasa Count: 5 vinyasas – 2nd and 4th are the states of the asana

Sanskrit Audio:

Vinyasa Count and Detail

Work Using the Wall

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