Thought I’d share a few top tips for those of you in wintery climates and potentially suffering from an invasion of the slimy stuff! We all get it from time to time but right now in the Northern Hemisphere is Kapha season when excess coldness, dampness, heaviness and congestion within the body is much more common.

Time for a spring clean! The good news is that by avoiding certain foods and adding in cleansing foods you can control how much mucus is produced. Notice how you feel after eating foods from the left of this list versus the cleansing foods on the right.
Mucus food table
So if you’re feeling stuffy, take a break from the dairy, sugar and processed foods and add in your mucus medicine. Leafy greens are always a winner – bitter tastes transform phlegm and break it down. I’d also like to add pumpkin and turmeric as excellent anti-inflammatory foods. Drink lots of hot drinks like herbal teas. And of course – don’t forget the neti pot!