Interpertation of pain and injury in context of Ashtanga Yoga practice

System thinking pain and yoga injury

Foreword from Stu Girling First of all I want to say that I really love the way Iain writes and that he has the conviction to always say exactly what he is thinking. For this particular post I felt it was necessary to put a little bit from me up front as the views put forward are so opposite to mine. So why am I posting it you may ask. Well the answer is very simple. As a resource site…

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Where is the feminine in yoga?

Whats Feminine in yoga

Yoga has become the ultimate female activity, with 80 per cent of practitioners from the ‘fairer’ sex 1 . On the surface, the synchronised movements, bodyweight balances, and attention on breath seem more feminine than masculine, but a closer look shows it is anything but. The angular forms, linear movements, and mechanical instruction stem from male created systems serving to their energy, with scant attention paid to the fluid, rolling, circular motions of the female.

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Getting Better?


In yoga classes we are often learning how to go deeper into poses, learning ways to open the body and how to improve our practice. At the same time we are being told that ‘it’s not about the asana’ and ‘it doesn’t matter how far into a pose you go – be content with where you are now’. How can both of these ideas be right?

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