Fascia, Biotensegrity and Yoga with Karen Kirkness

Karen Kirkness Interview

This is definitely one of the most fun and different interviews I have done so far. Karen . I had the easy job laying around being tickled by a brush, Karen on the other hand had to concentrate on answering the questions and not messing up the anatomy body painting at the same time.

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Interpertation of pain and injury in context of Ashtanga Yoga practice

System thinking pain and yoga injury

Foreword from Stu Girling First of all I want to say that I really love the way Iain writes and that he has the conviction to always say exactly what he is thinking. For this particular post I felt it was necessary to put a little bit from me up front as the views put forward are so opposite to mine. So why am I posting it you may ask. Well the answer is very simple. As a resource site…

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