Processing Grief With Yoga

Processing grief with yoga

Today is the one year anniversary of my Mother’s death. Which happens to be the day after Mother’s Day this year. It has been a rough week and a rough year. Charlene suggested that I write a blog about it and how yoga helped me cope with the loss. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it.

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Respecting the Undertow

For years I was desperately treading water, trying to stay afloat, gasping for oxygen yet getting pulled under by a relentless undertow, a toxic vortex of suppressed emotion. I was trying to move forward, reaching for shore, yet beneath my consciousness was a powerful opposing force holding me back. I was living out of my body because being in body, actually feeling all that had been getting pushed further and further down, was too painful. It was a terribly destructive way of…

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When Yoga makes you angry!

melanie cooper

A new student recently said she had been told that if a yoga teacher knows what they are doing and teaches the class properly then the students should leave feeling energised and good. Did I agree? Well, I thought, I guess that does often happen – but not all the time. Students can leave an asana practice feeling angry, depressed, paranoid, and hopeless. So what is that about? Isn’t it supposed to make us peaceful and serene?

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