Float Backs

Jump out of Bakasana

Bakasana junp back Mark Robberds

Following on from the recent post on Jumping into Bakasana Mark Robberds completes the circle with this clip on jumping back out of Bakasana. When you first start trying to do this it can seem like your legs are glued to your arms probably encased in lead boots, but a bit of giggery pokery with your center of balance can make all the difference. I think Mark’s tips will get you quickly on your way.

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Transition out of Utkatasana

Laruga Glacer transition

I don’t know about you but for some reason even though I have been practicing Ashtanga for ages I still have trouble figuring out what I am meant to be doing as I leave Utkatasana and Warrior II. Who better to call on than Laruga Glaser to demonstrate what it should look like, allowing for individuality of bone structure, tension patterns, girth and such like of course 🙂

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