Transition out of Utkatasana

Laruga Glacer transition

I don’t know about you but for some reason even though I have been practicing Ashtanga for ages I still have trouble figuring out what I am meant to be doing as I leave Utkatasana and Warrior II. Who better to call on than Laruga Glaser to demonstrate what it should look like, allowing for individuality of bone structure, tension patterns, girth and such like of course 🙂

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How to jump into Bakasana

Jump into Bakasana

Jumping into Bakasana seems like no big deal until you try it. Then it can feel like there is a very large mountain to climb. In this short clip Mark gives an excellent step by step guide to lead you through both the set up and building blocks for achieving a controlled jump into Bakasana.

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Floating jump to standing from downdog

John Scott Jump forward

John Scott has been teaching workshops around the world for many years and they near enough get filled the moment they are announced. One of the reasons for this is his excellent ability to explain how to work on different asanas and transitions. In this video John explains how to perfect the floating jump forward from downdog to standing, as you would use in surya namaskars or full vinyasa practice. I must admit I immediately started using these tips from the day we shot the video and it really makes such a difference. Keep an eye out for the fully interview which will be coming soon.

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