Working with Hypermobility in Yoga

hypermobility workshop Adell Bridges

If you are hypermobile It is important to know how to work in the best way during your yoga practice. Often this means focusing on strengthening and creating body integrity rather than just going for deep stretches. In this video Adell Bridges gives you some ideas on how this might be achieved.

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Being Flexible about Flexibility

Zolder Yin Yoga Flexibility

These are my modest and provisional notes on the subject of hypermobility, the issues of flexibility in yoga, being able to sustain a yoga practice and specifically practicing Yin yoga.
When I first taught yoga in 2001, I did not know what hypermobility or being too flexible meant. I remember Richard Freeman saying in June 2005, “the curse of flexibility and the blessing of stiffness”. I didn’t get it at the time.

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Preventing Yoga Injuries (II)

Hip Stabilizers

In this post we discuss labral tears and the condition of joint hypermobility. I also present the case of a specific injury from yoga practice, its biomechanical basis and the steps that can be taken to aid in its prevention.First, however, let’s look at the concept of association vs causality. Simply put, because some activity is associated with a problem does not mean it caused it.

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