Joey Miles

Joey Miles – Ashtanga Foundations The Closing Sequence

ashtanga foundations closing sequence

We often get lots of detail about the fancy postures but when it comes to the finishing sequence many times these important postures are neglected both in the class situation and in supplementary information. I took this opportunity with Joey Miles to seek answers to some of the common concerns that may arise.

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Ashtanga Yoga Foundations: A Guide for Beginners

Ashtanga beginners guide Joey Miles

What should your expectations be when you start an Ashtanga Yoga practice. I talk to Joey Miles about all sorts of topics relating to those early days. I think there are also many of use that have been practicing for a while that could do with a refresher also.

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Joey Miles Interview

Joey Miles Interview 2016

This is a great interview I did with the charismatic Joey Miles. We talk about what brought him to yoga and what he sees for his future as a teacher and practitioner, and of course a lot of other things. Joey is a kind and compassionate teacher and definitely someone I would seek out to study under.

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