Sari Fried’s first blog post here at Love Yoga Anatomy. As curator of the Yoga Research and Projects page Sari will give us an insight into her explorations of self and investigations with meditation.

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Becoming Animal: Cultivation of Organic Intelligence

Symbiotic by Edward Foster

Using Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation as Embodiment Practices for the Cultivation of Organic Intelligence A practitioner in my Mysore program recently asked me: “If one side of a posture is more open than the other, and I feel like I can keep going deeper in the more open side, should I hold back to try to even it out with the less open side?” My response drew from what I feel is one of the most beautiful aspects of…

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Prem Carlisi Interview 2016

Prem Carlisi Interview

Prem is such a pleasure to talk to, he is open and genuine and with so many years behind him both practicing and as a teacher his connection with what really matters is right there. The focus of this interview was really his early years starting out with yoga but as you can imagine we soon digressed to many even more worthwhile topics. If you fancy studying with Prem and Radha you can check out their website

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Frogtastic Meditation Assistant

A LIttle Frog

Do you practice in a country where mosquitoes are prevalent? There is often a problem with mosquitoes when you are trying to meditate in Asia. You don’t want to put chemical repellent on your skin or breath in the smoke from a coil so you are left with citronella or your own mini mosquito net which can cause over heating. Not much bigger than my fingernail. I spend most of my time in Asia so was delighted when I stumbled across this amazing species of frog

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