Primary Series

Ashtanga Beginners Course with Jelena Vesic

In this video course Jelena leads you through all the postures in an Ashatnaga a half primary, that is up to Navasana (boat pose), and some of the finishing postures. The purpose of this course is to give you the understanding of the poses and sequencing to be able to practice on your own in in a mysore style setting. Take a look at the lessons and try the first lesson free by using the link below.

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Ashtanga Course with Dany and Sofia

Dany Sa and Sofia Xirotyri are both accomplished Ashtanga practitioners as well as good friends. They have come together in this course to share their knowledge with you. The course is intended for beginners and improvers. The idea of the course is that you can progress at your own speed if you are new to Ashtanga or dip in and out for clarification if you are lookng to tidy up an existing Ashtanga practice. If you would like to find…

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Courses with Joey Miles

Joey Miles

There are two courses on Ashtanga, one being the Primary Series and the other the Intermediate Series. Both courses actually come in two versions, one is called traditional and the other non-linear. The content is the same in both versions it is just how you access the material that is different. The traditional version only allows you to progress one lesson each week taking a linear route through the course one posture at a time. This is really the preferred…

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Asana School – Bhujapidasana (knees on the shoulder posture)

Bhujapidasana with stu

This is such a tough posture when you are new to Ashtanga. Just to get you legs crossed around your arms seems to defy gravity. Then once you can do that someone tells you to bring your head to the floor. What? And then come back up again. No Way! But somehow through magic and such like things change and one day you think what was all the fuss. Hope this little video helps where ever you are on your…

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