Supta kurmasana

Transitioning into and out of Bhujapidasana and Supta Kurmasana

transitioning Bhujapidasana

David Robson and Jelena Vesic are just the best teachers to work with when it comes to any of the dynamic movements in Ashtanga Yoga. In this workshop video David and I use Jelena’s amazing talent to demonstrate what you are aiming for as well as breaking down the movements into manageable pieces. I must admit even the singular action of a lower trajectory jump demonstrated in the video makes such a difference. Watch, digest and have a go 🙂

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Supta Kurmasana Goes Pop!

Sternocleidomastoid muscle

Some time ago I threatened to write an article about pain showing up in the joint that connects the collarbone to the breastbone. I have had a couple of more recent requests to talk about this potential problem in Supta Kurmasana. As always I try to look at the anatomy, its function, observations about the posture itself and perhaps some ways that information may inform the way we work in the posture or adjust it.

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