This was so much fun to do and of course very topical at the moment coming shortly after the Fascial Research Congress. Joanne Avison is a yoga teacher and author of the book entitled Yoga Fascia Anatomy and Movement and I was lucky enough to be able to interview her when I was back in the UK. The interview runs at two and a half hours and we only realized it was time to stop because it was getting dark. That’s what happens when you get anatomy geeks together 🙂

What I have done is to break it into 4 parts to make for easier watching and I will just add them here as soon as I can upload them (they are edited and ready to go but sorry to say I am working with terrible Indian connection now). The good news is that the interview as well as the book are aimed at making some useful insights in understanding the emerging appreciation for the important roles fascia plays and how these ideas can be implemented in the way we practice yoga. I really hope you enjoy!

And Part 2

Part 3

Part 4