Things often go astray in the holiday season. Here are four tips from Anthea to keep things on track.

1. Decide to be healthy!

Decide now that you’re going to be true to your healthy-living yogi self over the holidays. It’s not who you’re going to be in the New Year, it’s simply who you are now! Decide that healthy choices are what you naturally make because you care for yourself and take pride in your health. Make the decision and believe it. And remember, peer pressure from others is not because they feel bad for you, it’s because they feel bad for themselves! Don’t be afraid to be the real you around friends and family. Who knows whom you might inspire!

2. Create a holiday routine!

Rather than take each day as it comes, decide what your holiday routine will be in advance so that you’re more likely to stick to it. Include your nights out, indulgent dinners and lie-ins but make sure that each day you have a little bit of goodness as ell. What are the good things you will do for yourself each day no matter what? Practice? Have a green smoothie for breakfast? Drink lots of water? A good start to the day makes all the difference.

3: Have no fear!

Many people worry about the holidays and what it’s going to do to their health. I simply don’t believe in depriving yourself to stay healthy, as good health is just as much about socializing with friends and family, as it is about what you put in your mouth. So enjoy yourself, indulge a little and simply aim to balance your day. For example, if you’re going out for a big meal and drinks in the evening eat light during the day with fresh fruit and cleansing salads and do some exercise. Then go have some guilt-free fun!

4: Take a mini break!

The holidays can mean endless food and drink orientated social events but you don’t have to do it all. Plan ahead by picking the events you really want to or must attend, but also schedule breaks for yourself. Take some time out to stay in, rest, recover and give your system a break by doing a mini 24-hour cleanse, from dinner the night before to dinner that evening. Then you’ll be ready to rock and roll again!