To really understand the human body is on every yoga teacher’s bucket list. Not only does it help your teaching, it also enriches your own practice.

In this 2-day workshop, Melanie and Stu will teach you to see the body in action with a specific focus on forward bends, back bends, hips and shoulders. We will look at specific alignment issues and causes of pain, as backed by theory, and practise asana in an experiential way for students to feel their way through their body.

Focusing on the principles of stability, mobility and functional movement, this workshop will address the basic skeletal structure, the main muscle groups; how they work together and interact from the standpoint of asana practice.

You will learn about anatomy in relation to:

  • Your body
  • How to sequence intelligently
  • How to help your students when they meet their physical challenges.

If you are a yoga student wanting to learn more or if you are a yoga teacher wanting to brush up on your anatomy then this course is for you.


You will receive a Yogacampus certificate of attendance